In order to perform a usable speed test, please switch off the WLAN at the FRITZ! Box.

The bandwidth difference between a LAN connection and WLAN is normal and can not be influenced by VEGA-net. What has to be available for a booked package of bandwidth via WLAN is not regulated and, as already mentioned, can not be influenced by VEGA-net.

Please connect only one terminal (PC or laptop) with a LAN port of the FRITZ!Box, make sure that the connection speed between FRITZ!Box and terminal is negotiated with 1Gbit, the remaining LAN ports should remain empty.

Please also ensure that there are no programs running in the background which consume additional bandwidth and then start the test with this device.

The measurement is based on the data exchange (download and upload) between the browser / app and the measurement servers. Therefore, it must be ensured that no other applications access their broadband connection.

It is possible that applications running in the background are involved in the data exchange between browser / app and measurement servers (eg virus scanners and firewalls), or that local LAN configurations (eg proxy settings) limit the data transmission rate available to the individual client , Even when using Powerline, the data transfer rate may be limited. If possible, a LAN cable should be used. The PC should also not be operated in energy-saving mode, ie connected to a power cable.

Displayed is the data transfer rate determined by the browser or the app. It can not be ruled out that this was significantly influenced by the factors mentioned. Therefore, a strong deviation does not necessarily indicate that the broadband connection does not actually provide the contractually guaranteed data transmission rate. It is useful in such cases to repeat the test.