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FRITZ! OS is the software that is installed on the FRITZ! Box and controls all functions of the device. The manufacturer AVM regularly provides new FRITZ! OS versions, with which the functions of your FRITZ! Box are extended.

FRITZ!OS update: A few easy steps to the latest version

Follow these simple instructions to put the latest FRITZ!OS on your FRITZ!Box:
  1. Open the user interface of the device. Enter "" in the web browser.
  2. If required, log in with your user name and password..
  3. In the user interface under the menu "System" under "Update".
  4. Click on "Neues FRITZ!OS suchen" bzw. "Neue Firmware suchen".
  5. When a new version is found, the "Update jetzt starten" or "Firmware-Update jetzt starten" button will be displayed. Click on the button to start the update.
  6. As long as the “Info” LED flashes, the update will be transferred to the FRITZ! Box.
Do not disconnect the connection between computer and FRITZ! Box during the update and do not interrupt the power supply of the FRITZ! Box! An interruption of the update process could damage the FRITZ! Box and render it unusable.
Future updates can be automatically installed if you select in the options under "Auto Update" in the user interface under the menu "System" under "Update" the last entry.

Should you require further assistance, the FRITZ! Clip on the update and the AVM Knowledge Base can help.
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